Bolivian Ram

Bolivian Ram  barb

Behaviour: Behaviour Peaceful, pair-forming
Typical size: 6cm 
Max size: 7cm 
Tank Area: Tank Area Middle, bottom
Min Tank Size: 75cm
Temp Min: 22℃ Max: 26℃ 
Feeding: Feeding Flake, dried, frozen, live foods
pH Range: pH 6.5-8
Hardness: vs,s,m,h

The Bolivian Ram is a good alternative to the more colourful, but also more demanding, Ram or Butterfly Cichlid. These fish are peaceful, robust, and make an excellent aquarium fish for a general community or dwarf cichlid community. The fish form pairs and are good parents. Provide hiding spots amongst densely planted areas. More robust than most dwarf cichlids.

Family Cichlidae (Cichlids) | Synonyms Crenicara altispinosa, Papiliochromis altispinosus, Microgeophagus altispinosus | Origin South America; Brazil, Bolivia | Breeding Egg layer; eggs are laid on stones or in pits, parents care for the eggs and young | Natural Water Conditions pH 7, medium | Sexing Females may be fuller bodied, difficult to sex