Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid

Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid  barb

Behaviour: Behaviour Territorial, peaceful
Typical size: 6cm 
Max size: 7cm 
Tank Area: Tank Area Bottom
Min Tank Size: 60cm
Temp Min: 24℃ Max: 26℃ 
Feeding: Feeding Flake, dried, frozen, live foods. Live/frozen foods should be included
pH Range: pH 5.5-8
Hardness: vs,s,m,h

The Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid is a popular fish which is available in a number of colour forms (red variety pictured) The fish require different conditions depending on the numbers kept. Males should be kept ideally with several females each where they will establish individual territories overseen by the male. The aquarium should have a fine or sandy bottom and contain ‘cave’ areas for spawning. Can be kept with other peaceful fish in heavily planted tanks, which will help to reduce territorial aggression. Otherwise keep with midwater-surface swimming fishes which can cope with occasional chasing. The Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid can be kept in a variety of water conditions although soft water is preferable and good general conditions are essential. The fish may be sensitive to some chemicals and treatments.

Family Cichlidae (Cichlids) | Synonyms Apistogramma cacatoides | Other names Cockatoo Cichlid, Crested Dwarf Cichlid | Origin South America; Amazon River Basin | Breeding Cave spawners, females care for eggs and young. Young may change ‘mothers’ within the males group of females | Natural Water Conditions pH 6-8, soft to medium | Sexing Males are much larger with significantly different and brighter colours and longer fins. Females are smaller and yellow