Festive Cichlid

Festive Cichlid  barb

Behaviour: Behaviour Peaceful, timid, territorial, pair forming
Typical size: 12cm 
Max size: 15cm 
Tank Area: Tank Area Middle, all
Min Tank Size: 120cm

Min Number: 2
Temp Min: 24℃ Max: 30℃ 
Feeding: Feeding Flake, frozen, live, vegetable foods
pH Range: pH 6-8.5
Hardness: vs,s,m,h

The Festive Cichlid may not be as colourful as many other aquarium fish but being a cichlid, has plenty of personality and will soon grow on those who observe it. Festive Cichlids should be mixed with care, on the one hand they are timid and easily frightened fish whilst on the other they will grow to a reasonable size and can become territorial and even aggressive when breeding. Good tank mates would include robust fish of a similar size that are also relatively peaceful. Festive Cichlids should be kept in aquariums with plenty of hiding spots amongst rocks, wood, or plants and good water quality. A varied diet will improve overall health.

Family Cichlidae (Cichlids) | Synonyms Acara festiva, Cichlasoma festivum, Mesonauta festiva, M. festivum, Heros festivus | Other names Flag cichlid, barred cichlid, festivum | Origin South America; Parana, Amazon River basins | Breeding Spawning occurs on smooth objects after parents clean the area. Both parents guard eggs and brood. | Natural Water Conditions pH 6-8, very soft to soft | Natural Habitat Vegetated river or stream banks | Sexing Males may have longer pointed fins, although this is not always accurate