Firemouth Cichlid

Firemouth Cichlid  barb

Behaviour: Behaviour Territorial, peaceful, pair forming
Typical size: 11cm 
Max size: 14cm 
Tank Area: Tank Area Bottom, middle
Min Tank Size: 90cm
Temp Min: 24℃ Max: 30℃ 
Feeding:Feeding Flake, frozen, live foods
pH Range: pH 6-8
Hardness: vs,s,m,h

The Firemouth Cichlid is sometimes mistakenly recommended for community aquariums. Although for most of the time they are relatively peaceful, during spawning they can become very territorial and aggressive and this must be taken into account when choosing suitable tank mates. Provide open swimming spaces and hiding spots amongst rocks, wood and hardy plants. Given their preferred substrate, sand or fine gravel, the Firemouth Cichlid will dig, although they will not harm hardy plants. The shape and colour of the Firemouth Cichlid, along with its unique character, make it a good aquarium fish for moderately experienced fishkeepers.

Family Cichlidae (Cichlids) | Synonyms Thorichthys helleri meeki, Herichthys meeki, Cichlasoma meeki, C. hyorhynchum | Other names Redbreasted cichlid | Origin Central America | Breeding Egglayer. Eggs are laid and fertilized on objects (stones, wood) and transferred to shallow dug out pits. Both parents are territorial and will defend the eggs and young | Natural Water Conditions pH 6.5-7.5, soft to medium | Natural Habitat Slow moving middle and lower areas of rivers, near vegetated areas | Sexing Males have pointed dorsal and anal fins and are more brightly coloured