Panda Dwarf Cichlid

Panda Dwarf Cichlid  barb

Behaviour: Behaviour Peaceful, territorial
Typical size: 5cm 
Max size: 6cm 
Tank Area: Tank Area Bottom
Min Tank Size: 60cm
Temp Min: 24℃ Max: 30℃ 
Feeding: Feeding Flake, dried, frozen, live foods
pH Range: pH 5.5-7.5
Hardness: vs,s

The name ‘panda’ comes from the unusual markings of the females of this species, which have black ‘blotches’ around the eye and parts of the fins. The fish is only occasionally available for sale, being rarely bred in captivity. Behaivour is similar to other Apistogramma species, being peaceful but territorial, and suitable for a community of robust fishes. The aquarium should have a sandy or fine gravel bottom, hiding spots, and vegetation. The fish seems to only do well in soft, acidic water. Not a beginners fish, but an interesting fish to keep.

Family Cichlidae (Cichlids) | Other names Panda Cichlid, Nijsseni’s Dwarf Cichlid | Origin South America; Peru; Ucayali River Basin | Natural Water Conditions pH 5-6, very soft | Natural Habitat Vegetated black water creeks | Sexing Males (picture 1) are larger with a blue body and red tail fin edging. Females (Picture 2) are smaller and have a yellow body with black blotches