T-Bar / Sajica Cichlid

T-Bar / Sajica Cichlid  barb

Behaviour: Behaviour Territorial, pair-forming, relatively peaceful
Typical size: 13cm 
Max size: 15cm 
Tank Area: Tank Area Middle, bottom
Min Tank Size: 90cm
Temp Min: 23℃ Max: 28℃ 
Feeding:Feeding Flake, pellet, dried, frozen, live foods
pH Range: pH 6.5-8
Hardness: s,m,h

The T-Bar Cichlid is an attractive Central American Cichlid which will do well in a community of other medium sized cichlids. The fish are relatively peaceful although will be territorial during breeding. The aquarium should contain a sandy or rounded gravel substrate, hiding spots and caves, and a few hardy plants. The males will grow significantly larger than females and will develop a forehead hump. T-Bar cichlids are closely related to Convict cichlids and the two may interbreed, so should not be kept together.

Family Cichlidae (Cichlids) | Synonyms Cichlasoma sajica | Origin Central America; Costa Rica | Breeding Cave spawner | Natural Water Conditions pH 7, medium | Natural Habitat Rivers with gravel bottoms and moderate flow | Sexing Males are significantly larger and have pointed anal and dorsal fins